Testimonials 2

"I became a patient of Dr. Badner's in 1956 and have known Laura Thomas since she first started as his assistant. Laura can make a visit to the dentist a pleasure---almost."
 - Alicia 31/12/2013
"My experience at Advanced Dental has been awesome. The staff, very caring, with superb bedside manners. I encourage anyone looking for a Dental office to give them a try."
 - Nick 30/12/2013
"Amazing service. Front desk was very nice and greeted me. Hygienist was a pleasure to have. I'm looking forward to my next visit. Thank you. Nick"
 - James 17/12/2013
"Wonderful staff, both office and dental techs! I've been going to Advanced Dental Care for about 20 years and always get the best of care from Dr. Lasnier and Laura..."
 - Kerry 11/12/2013
"Staff is always friendly and helpful. I feel well taken care of."
 - Dawn 07/12/2013
"Love Kim. :)"
 - Anon 22/11/2013
"Wonderful staff, very friendly, and high level of expertise."
 - John 21/11/2013
"The work on my teeth was excellent as usual. I also received info that helped me better understand an ongoing dental issue."
 - Pamela 20/11/2013
"I was seen promptly and cared for in a friendly and professional manner!"
 - Anon 13/11/2013
"As always my cleaning was GREAT. Kim, my hygienist is the BEST."
 - Carolyn 06/11/2013
"excellent! Kim is so great and everyone is so nice there."
 - Anon 06/11/2013
"Was seen on time, organized, friendly, & done in a timely manner"
 - Anon 05/11/2013
"Had a cleaning yesterday,haven't been there in awhile because I lost my job , no insurance, I paid cash for cleaning only & it was quickest cleaning I ever had? When I had insurance the cleaning toolk longer & they did a better job?"
 - Herbert 25/10/2013
"Perfect!! Just as I've come to expect. Thank you."
 - Anon 25/10/2013
"Always the tops in technology and great care for their patients."
 - Edmond 23/10/2013
"Advanced Dental provides a very homely environment and appointments are punctual. Excellent experience every visit!!!!!!"
 - Dennis 22/10/2013
"As always, everyone was pleasant and professional. I've been a patient of this practice for over 34 years and seen it grow. At no time has service been compromised. Sandy is excellent and I always enjoy seeing and talking with her."
 - Robert 21/10/2013
"As always, my cleaning was very pleasant. Always on time and friendly and comfortable."
 - Iris 17/10/2013
"I appreciate the reminders I receive in my email and cell phone text. The staff are always customer friendly and courteous. My hygienist is terrific!"
 - Anon 09/10/2013
"The staff at Advanced Dental Care are not only highly skilled but they listen to your concerns and always make sure you leave satisfied. I have been a customer since the eighties and still have dental work from that time that has held up. I highly recommend Advanced Dental Care!"
 - Catherine 01/10/2013
"Staff is friendly and very welcoming. Dr. Lasner is a fantastic dentist and makes you feel at ease. I would recommend Advanced Dental to anyone who is looking for a new Dentist."
 - Ramon 23/09/2013
"Great care!"
 - Jennifer 17/09/2013
 - Dipa 05/09/2013
"It was a good visit."
 - David 04/09/2013
"Outstanding experience. Service with a smile (for your smile)"
 - Pauline 29/08/2013
"I enjoy my visits at the dentist look forward to coming"
 - Jeff 26/08/2013
"No one is ever happy about going to the dentist but we all have to do it. The friendly staff at Advanced makes my visit as tolerable as possible."
 - Anon 22/08/2013
"Was excellent"
 - Yahaira 16/08/2013
"I'm always treated well"
 - Elizabeth 15/08/2013
"I go to Advanced Dental as well as my two adult children."
 - Peter 09/08/2013
"Most awesomist Dental team in the world. Thanks. Peter Kelly"
 - Joseph 06/08/2013
"I had a great experience. The doctor was great!! I'll keep coming back. Joe"
 - Anon 30/07/2013
"Set of complete mouth x-rays and regular cleaning both completed in timely enough manner to make another personal appointment scheduled right after my ADC visit."
 - Anon 24/07/2013
"Excellent, as always."
 - Nathan 18/07/2013
"Very good, fast and simple."
 - Maegen 17/07/2013
"Thoughtful and thorough care. Friendly staff and relaxing environment too."
 - Sandra 09/07/2013
"My first visit was excellent. They made me feel comfortable and was interested in helping me. The staff behaved as a family."
 - Jave 04/07/2013
 - Michael 03/07/2013
"you guys are the best"
 - Dewit 01/07/2013
"Great experience."
 - Edmond 30/06/2013
"Awesome experience every visit! Thanks Advanced Dental!"
 - Karen 23/06/2013
"Kay!!!!! Best Dental Hygienist."
 - Herbert 20/06/2013
"Always a very positive experience. The dentists and staff are professional and have a high degree of expertise."
 - Elaine 18/06/2013
"It was an excellent experience"
 - David 16/06/2013
"Laura is fantastic."
 - Carmen 14/06/2013
"Patient care is always efficient, courteous and informative -- it's a joy to come to the dentist at this office."
 - Christopher 11/06/2013
"Fantastic as always :))"
 - James 25/05/2013
"The best staff...always very friendly!"
 - David 22/05/2013
"Your dentists and hygenists (sp) are understanding and and considerate. David"
 - Edlynn 16/05/2013
"Excellent job"
 - John 14/05/2013
"The ultimate in care for my dentistry as well as concern and recommendations for my overall related health."
 - Anon 13/05/2013
"Great dental experience."
 - James 11/05/2013
"You were able to accomadate me before I left on a business trip and Laura who is not who I usually see for a cleaning was exceptional and although it was very close I decided to stay with Kim for the next appointment. Kim is exceptional as well. Thanks for the great service. PS - Dr Lasiner also deserves credit for his wonderful execution of his craft and providing me extrodinary dental care."
 - Terrence 09/05/2013
"I really enjoyed my session and I learned alot. The woman that worked on me was nice, professional, informative and friendly."
 - Lynn 06/05/2013
"??Wonderful as always !"
 - Christine 02/05/2013
"I am a new patient to Adnvanced Dental referred by my husband. Every person is so nice and personable. Everyone made me feel at ease and almost like I was part of thier family. Great experience all the way around. Will definitley reccommend!"
 - Iris 02/05/2013
"Excellent client care and service every time I visit."
 - Anon 29/04/2013
"I have really appreciated this particular hygienist. She is a good reason to return. I would recommend her for sure. the quality of the dentist work is good but..."
 - Jenny 23/04/2013
"Awesome as usual. Laura is the best."
 - Robert 23/04/2013
"Very friendly.highly recomended"
 - John 20/04/2013
"An excellent dental group!"
 - Michael 20/04/2013
"Fantastic experience as always. Wonderful job by my hygienist Kay. Will be back in 6 months."
 - Mary 19/04/2013
"My dental hygienist, Kay, was thorough and took the time and patience to be careful as she worked with me. I also appreciate her dental advice and highly recommend her to other patients."
 - Anon 12/04/2013
"I always appreciate the time that Dr. Res spends to tell me everything I need to know about my dental care. He is gentle but direct in his approach. The hygienist was patient as we created the fullest set of x-rays ever!"
 - Lydia 07/04/2013
"Office staff were very pleasant and professional."
 - Jonilyn 05/04/2013
"Every one on staff was efficient and friendly. They made me feel very comfortable. I cannot find enough good things to say about my hygienist, Kim. She's the greatest!"
 - Jonilyn 03/04/2013
"Excellent as usual. The entire staff is very efficient, sociable and makes you feel at ease. I cannot say enough good things about my hygienist, Kim. She is super great!!!!"
 - Audrey 03/04/2013
"Excellent experience all around."
 - Carolyn 27/03/2013
"fantastic. Kim is the best."
 - Corey 27/03/2013
"Great experience staff always nice and friendly.."
 - Anon 22/03/2013
"I had a excellent visit and my teeth feel great."
 - Herbert 16/03/2013
"Always a pleasure to have Dr. Ress and his associates work in my teeth."
 - Jane 12/03/2013
"Very personable and caring. If you are looking for a new dentist, check them out! Just over a bridge from Hartford."
 - Susan 27/02/2013
"Very good care."
 - Glenda 27/02/2013
"The staff at Advanced Dental Care are professional, courteous and friendly. I enjoyed my cleaning with Elizabeth and my exam with Dr. Ress (who has been saving my teeth for over 20 years!)."
 - Anon 26/02/2013
"What can I say...as always, everyone was great and the care received exceptional. I've been coming here for over 30 years and am unable to speak any more highly of this practice."
 - Anon 26/02/2013
"I had a nice visit and my teeth are getting healthier."
 - Luis 23/02/2013
"Great service!"
 - Robert 23/02/2013
"As always...professional, friendly, and prompt."
 - Anon 22/02/2013
"Quality care & everyone personable! No wait, great service"
 - Virgilio 21/02/2013
"You guys are amazing. Every time my husband goes to the dentist he talks about how nice everyone is and how accommodating the doctors are. Great time. Great experience everytime and I always recommend them."
 - Chris 14/02/2013
 - Michael 13/02/2013
"As always courteous staff. And, apt right on time.."
 - Peter 12/02/2013
"Awesome treatment, Wonderful staff, best Dentist in the world (Dr. Lasnier)."
 - Anon 07/02/2013
"Excellent services as always."
 - James 01/02/2013
"I needed a appointment for a chipped tooth and they were able to fit me in and fix the damage before a international trip I was to take."
 - Christopher 30/01/2013
"Excellent as always. The whole process from booking to reminders and planning in your calendars is great. The staff are excellent."
 - Trina 15/01/2013
"As always, the entire office staff, oh and including the "Singing:Dentist-aka Dr. Lasinier" are the best! Thanks to all!"
 - David 05/01/2013
"should email future appointments after completing a visit. also should be able to re-schedule on-line or via email"
 - Pauline 27/12/2012
"Always a pleasure coming to the dentist Kaye is great, pleasant and willing to answer any question I might have. The front desk is very helpful and willing to help as well. In all this office is the most pleasant office I have dealt work as far as dentistry."
 - Anon 20/12/2012
"These guys are great. From the front office to the hygenists to the doctors, everyone is highly professional, personable and genuinely concerned with helping you improve your oral health. I see Dr. Hess and he always spends time teaching me a technique to improve my dental routine. I appreciate too that their office uses the latest technologies - you get electronic reminders of your appointments that you can use to confirm, and they use electronic x-rays so they can zoom in on the image on a monitor as they show you an area of concern. Highly recommended on all levels!"
 - Edmond 08/12/2012
"Awesome experience at Advanced Dental and the staff are exceptionally nice. Thanks and keep ip the good work! :)"
 - Mary 07/12/2012
"I left my appointment with a smile - I was so satisfied with the work I had done. My dental hygienist, Kay, is knowledgeable, honest with her feedback and thorough in cleaning my teeth. She is a very pleasant young lady."
 - Tammi 07/12/2012
"the best experience! everyone is friendly, courteous and professional"
 - Nathan 07/12/2012
"Didnt have my appointment, not sure who's fault as it was rescheduled more than once, but were able to accommodate."
 - Carol 06/12/2012
"Thankful that in an urgent situation I am always seen quickly!"
 - Erik 05/12/2012
"Dr. Ress is the BEST dentist I have ever been to..... which is why I have been with Advanced Dental Care for approximately 15 Years. He is not only technical and skillfull but friendly, compassionate and "knows me"! He always smiles and makes me feel welcome. I no longer hate going to the dentist. Catherine (my hygenist) is also THE BEST! Staff is friendly and efficient. I will never go anywhere else!!! Thanks for all you do."
 - Michael 05/12/2012
"It's still a pleasure to come in to the office after 24 yrs. Keep up the excellent job!"
 - Todd 28/11/2012
"Being a client of DR Lassiner for the last 5-10 years i have had great service and i send my friends there."
 - Tyrone 28/11/2012
"I finished my my final cleanig after 5 visits and my teeth feel great. Thanks for everything."
 - Michael 17/11/2012
"The hygenist i have there is fantastic"
 - James 07/11/2012
"One of the friendliest staffs I have ever come accross in a medical profession... they always make you feel comfortable no matter what procedure your having done!"
 - Anon 06/11/2012
"There are a couple key things that keep me coming back to these guys: -Appointments send an email reminder with a calendar link which is helpful -The staff behind the desk are impressive...I dont know how, but every time I walk in they know my name, and I dont have to wait more than 5 minutes or so. Very efficient, friendly, and painless process keeps me a satisfied patient."
 - Christopher 01/11/2012
"My clean was outstanding as always :))The pearly whites keep on shining, Thank you to Doctor Lasnier and his crew!!!"
 - Heidi 26/10/2012
"Dr.Ress and his staff are awesome!"
 - Sally 19/10/2012
"I always feel that Kim does a GREAT job cleaning my teeth. The xrays are always tricky for me as I cough through most of it."
 - Steven 17/10/2012
"this place is the best. from Laura and the other dental hygenist to Kim and Ellen at the front desk and Sandy taking care of the billing and any question you might have .I Almost forgot they have some pretty good dentist to lol my family and I have been coming here for 15 years for cleanings ,fillings ,root canals and braces .you really feel like part of the family .Ellen even offered to take care of my dog when I went on vacation"
 - Frederick 16/10/2012
"Very caring competent staff always attentive!"
 - Jamice 06/10/2012
"Everyone is always courteous and friendly!! It's nice to go to a Dental office where everyone remembers your name. My hygienist is always thorough and gental. Excellent care!!"
 - Susan 28/09/2012
"This was my second visit to Advanced Dental Care and I have been treated with care and professionalism by the friendly staff. The east of making appointments and the email reminders are extremely helpful."
 - Ella 08/09/2012
 - Anon 04/09/2012
"always on time and everyone is very pleasant"
 - Carmen 30/08/2012
"The service, the care for the patient, and the atmosphere in the whole office exhudes quality care in every possible way. Efficiency with concern and experience are the hallmarks of this dental practice."
 - Loretta 15/08/2012
"I am truly happy to have staff at Advanced Dental taking care of my dental needs. The cleanings are the best I have ever had. Dr. Lasnier has been so thorough and made sure that my teeth are so well cared for."
 - Jonathan 15/08/2012
"Best dental service in Connecticut!"
 - David 01/08/2012
"Nobody does better at explaining issues, treatments and options. Friendly folks, too."
 - Anon 29/07/2012
"Staff is friendly and helpful, dentists provide quality service, appointments on time & ready, very efficient with time during visit."
 - Beth 24/07/2012
"They were very caring and Dentist was excellent."
 - Barry 24/07/2012
"I have been blessed with exceptional dental care for more than 40 years by Advanced Dental Care and its' predecessor. I consider them the best that Dentistry has to offer, from the Office Staff, Hygienists, and Doctors who have treated me. I would recommend them to anyone for Dental care of the highest calibre."
 - Michael 20/07/2012
"U can't beat the warm welcome u receive when u walk into the. Office. Just great dental care and staff."
 - Sheila 20/07/2012
"Excellent service is always given, I have been a patient for over 35 years. That speaks for the care given by all."
 - Phyllis 17/07/2012
"Once again I cannot say enough "cudo's" for the wonderful treatment received by Katherine. I also look forward to my appointment knowing I will be in very good hands."
 - Anon 02/07/2012
"Very friendly staff who are competent and skilled at what they do. No complaints at all!"
 - Edmond 06/06/2012
"Thank you for the wonderful experience each visit. Awesome staff!"
 - Joan 05/05/2012
"I always dread my cleaning appointments because I have very sensitive gums. Often I have rescheduled my appointment due to being scared but every time I go my fears are put to rest because Laura is always very gentle and I leave wondering what I was so worried about in the first place. Until my next appointment..."
 - Loretta 09/04/2012
"I went to Advanced Dental for a routine cleaning and as always the dental hygienist was on time, did a thorough job and I was very comfortable."
 - Penny Rorrio 02/04/2012
"My husband and I are new patients at this office and we are extremely pleased with the courtesy, professionals and the care we are receiving from Advanced Dental Care."
 - Anon 21/03/2012
"Professional and gentle dental care. This practice is filled with the absolute best of staff. Please consider Advanced Dental Care for all your dental needs."
 - Anna 18/03/2012
"I have been a patient at Advanced Dental Care for 20years and have ALWAYS had exceptional care and service. The entire office should be commended from the front desk to the office manager to the hygienists to the dentists. I couldn't imagine going anywhere else."
 - Phyllis 13/03/2012
"It is always a pleasure at your office and your staff is always very pleasant. I always feel comfortable there. As for Katherine, she makes everything easy and painless. I think she is the best!"
 - Lynn 01/03/2012
"My experience at Advanced Dental Care is always excellent. All the staff are caring and knowledgeable."
 -  03/02/2012

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