"I have been going to Advanced Dental Care for more then 10 years. The care I have received he's been excellent. My hygienist does a fantastic job."
 - Jean 24/01/2016
"Excellent on time"
 - Jalen 23/01/2016
"Best cleaning ever!"
 - Christopher 19/01/2016
"Great services and great staff.Super clean teeth every time, Thanks again to Doctor Lasnier and your team."
 - Anon 16/01/2016
"Every hygienist I've had is wonderful. They are gentle but thorough. I hadn't been in a year due to insurance changes and it was like I'd never left."
 - Crystal 07/01/2016
"Its always a pleasure coming in to see Karen, she does an amazing job and is very encouraging when it comes to my dental hygiene. She always takes her time to make sure that I'm comfortable no matter what. She is truly the best!!!"
 - John 05/01/2016
"The best ! I've been going to Advanced Dental for 23 years now and in my opinion there is none better. I can't say enough about these folks. They know their jobs and they make it pain free."
 - Lorraine 04/01/2016
"Without reservation, I highly recomment Advanced Dental Care! I am terrified of even the most minor dental procedures but everyone in this office goes above and beyond the call of duty to make me feel comfortable. As an example of how terrified I am, I live in CT and until I found Advanced Dental Care, I would save up money to fly to Atlanta, Georgia to have occasional appointments with a former dentist that I trusted and felt comfortable with! So when I say that I found a safe and professional haven with Advanced Dental Care, you know they must be amazing--and they are!"
 - Susan 15/12/2015
"Thank you for 30+ years of great dental care services!"
 - Lucy 12/12/2015
 - Howard 09/12/2015
"I've been a patient for many years and had more work done by you than I can think of right now. The quality of your service and the helpfulness of the people has grown over the years. I never thought I'd say it's a pleasure to go to the dentist, but in your case, it is!!!!"
 - Lisa 09/12/2015
"I've been going to Advanced Dental Care for 30 years now. My husband and son also go there. We've NEVER had any problems with them; on the contrary - our visits with them have always been above satisfactory. I've recommended them to several of my coworkers, and they've all been happy with them."
 - Lisa 02/12/2015
"You guys are ALWAYS great!!!"
 - Karen 01/12/2015
"Best dentist ever! I've been going my whole life and never dissatisfied with the people or the treatment I get. I actually enjoy going to the dentist because of them!"
 - Kim 24/11/2015
"Every time I go to my Dental appointment I'm always greed with great hospitality and everyone that works there a very friendly. I have found a great Dental office I really enjoy going to."
 - Herbert 13/11/2015
"Always very professional and proficient."
 - Jo Anne 11/11/2015
"I'm always happy with Dr. Ress's and Dr. Lasnier's Team..........."
 - Anon 08/11/2015
"As always, a friendly and efficient visit. The staff has worked together for many years which makes for a seamless visit. I've been a patient of the practice for over 35 years and cannot speak any higher of them."
 - Anon 04/11/2015
"You are the best"
 - Anon 04/11/2015
"When Kay is the hygienist, my experience is fantastic. She is precise in her work, which naturally results in a more gentle experience. Because she is smart and kind, any concerns she may have about my dental health is communicated clearly (no drama)."
 - Ralph 30/10/2015
"Professional yet friendly....makes me feel at ease1"
 - Maria 20/10/2015
"As always a good experience. Friendly staff .I am always made to feel comfortable and leave the office confident of a through check up"
 - Iris 20/10/2015
"Going to the dentist office, even just for a regular cleaning creates anxiety for me but the minute I step into the office at Advance Dental, it's gone. I moved to Enfield in May, the office is in East Hartford. I'm not changing dentist."
 - Anon 16/10/2015
"Friendly staff & clean office."
 - Jeffrey 15/10/2015
"Excellent service with a cheerful smile, as it's been for over 35 years in my experience - thank you Laura!!"
 - James 06/10/2015
"Great service great value, I would enthusiastically recommend Advance Dental Care to anyone looking for a dentist. James Michel"
 - Maegen 02/10/2015
"I was very happy with my cleaning. Kay (spelling) got stains out of my teeth that I embarrassingly developed during vacation last month, and had a good sense of humor about it. She was also efficient in the cleaning which was helpful so I could get out of the appointment early enough to get things checked off my to do list. Dr Lasnier was also thorough during the appointment and enjoyable to work with. Thank you again!"
 - Marcy 30/09/2015
"Best ever dentist office...."
 - Jamal 18/09/2015
"Warm welcoming people had a great experience altogether!!!!!"
 - Anon 16/09/2015
"Friendly and professional"
 - Jonathan 15/09/2015
"Best dental care in CT!"
 - Elaine 01/09/2015
"I love coming there and all the staff are awesome"
 - Jean 01/09/2015
 - Frankie 16/07/2015
 - Herbert 15/07/2015
"Always a fantastic experience!"
 - Lynn 10/07/2015
"Love it there. Live the staff. Great service with a smile"
 - Alvina 02/07/2015
"I trust Dr Lanier and his staff. The only dentist I will go to."
 - Irene 30/06/2015
"I was treated with respect and kindness ."
 - James 21/06/2015
"My visit was very good. I enjoyed having the husband and wife team taking care of me. Very professional office staff. Thanks."
 - Lucy 19/06/2015
 - John 05/06/2015
"I have a lot of buildup down by the gums. Catherine worked extremely hard to remove all of it."
 - Christopher 04/06/2015
"Staff is always so pleasant, Dr Ress is great! They're the best!"
 - Elvis 02/06/2015
"Great experience! A very caring staff, especially Catherine."
 - David 29/04/2015
"They always have your health as their main concern. Very friendly and concerned staff."
 - Jane 29/04/2015
"I was referred by a friend a few years ago. This is the best place I've ever been to for dentistry in my 40+ yrs."
 - Raymond 14/04/2015
"Prompt, courteous, and highly skilled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
 - Ellie 25/03/2015
"Each time I visit Advanced Dental my appointment starts on time, everyone is friendly and caring and overall, it's a very pleasant experience. Everyone is personable, professional and very good at what they do."
 - Maegen 13/03/2015
"They do a great job- very thorough, knowledgeable, friendly service and always on time. I would recommend them."
 - Kelly 12/03/2015
"always awesome!"
 - Paula 12/03/2015
"I love Catherine! She laughs at all of my jokes and entertains me with her quick wit!"
 - Anon 10/03/2015
"Always excellent"
 - Doris 04/03/2015
"Dr. Ress is such a perfectionist, and I admire his work that he has done on me, He explains everything to you, Also, his office staff is really nice and friendly and that is important when you have an emergency. I have recommended Dr. Ress and I would to anyone who wants a beautiful smile. I am thrilled I have Dr. Ress as my dentist."
 - Adriana 28/02/2015
"I'm always so happy with the service my family and I receive when we visit the office!!!!"
 - Anon 11/02/2015
"Always great care from Laura and the whole staff!"
 - Sandy 05/02/2015
"My extraction was painless!!! The staff is always so caring and congenial. I truly have a phobia about the Dentist, but once it's over I wonder why I get so worked up."
 - Kristen 30/01/2015
"Always warm and friendly!!"
 - Jean 29/01/2015
"Very please."
 - Jeffrey 21/01/2015
"Quick friendly efficient appt with Kim."
 - Palmira 21/01/2015
"Kim thank you you were great my teeth have not felt that great in a long time"
 - Anon 13/01/2015
"The dental hygenist, along with the dentists are very knowledeable, thorough, and personable. They make me most comfortable, and explain everything to me."
 - Jonilyn 09/01/2015
"As always, the entire staff was professional, courteous and friendly. I look forward to my appointments."
 - Elaine 07/01/2015
"it was awesome"
 - Wanda 31/12/2014
"outstanding my hygenist Laura and also Dr. Ress"
 - Jack 23/12/2014
"I thought my experience was quite good, especially considering my appointment was seeing one of the resident members of the tartar and plaque swat team. Doctor was kind and numbed the quadrant well and even though I am sure the build up was substantial I noticed no dynamite, C4, hammers or chisels anywhere in the office. Thanks. Only three more quadrants to go! oh, then the regular cleaning."
 - Christopher 19/12/2014
"Great smile and healthy teeth as always....Thanks to the Doctor Lasnier N his team!!! :))"
 - James 13/12/2014
"I can not put into words how caring Advanced Dental is for my overall dental needs. Wonderful."
 - Anon 10/12/2014
"Always at ease with the staff and Dentists."
 - Anon 22/11/2014
"Dr. Ress always does meticulous work and the entire staff is very friendly and caring. The office is committed to my mission of "saving my smile" and never, EVER, EVER, going the route of purchasing dentures! NOT an option!!"
 - Rosarito 14/11/2014
"I've been a patient for at least 25 years! All my three kids been patients. My oldest son 33 yrs old is still a patient and his wife and my granddaughter! Goes to show how pleased I am with their services and professionalism. Always on time, I highly recommend them."
 - Palmira 12/11/2014
"could not find a better dental office"
 - Glennise 07/11/2014
"I always get the best care which is why I will not go anyplace else. Always gentle, friendly and compassionate to my work schedule."
 - Jeffrey 04/11/2014
"The entire team is great!!"
 - Jeffrey 01/11/2014
"Excellent root canal by Dr. Lasnier and Josh !!"
 - Joyce Marie 25/10/2014
"Everyone in Advance Dental Care is wonderful. Very friendly and helpful staff !!!!"
 - Anon 20/10/2014
"Always excellent!!!!"
 - David 15/10/2014
"Always very professional and willing to make suggestions to improve overall dental health."
 - Jeffrey 15/10/2014
"Excellent visit from Laura and the team...."
 - Jane 07/10/2014
"I've been going to this office for a few years now. The whole experience is always good if not great. Once you like a hygienist, you can keep rescheduling with the same one which is great. Good for all ages."
 - Pawan 30/09/2014
"I was extremely happy with Dr. Ress. He was professional but a little occupied with something else."
 - Matthew 24/09/2014
"The cleaning was the worst I ever had anywhere."
 - Raymond 10/09/2014
"During my visit everyone was extremely helpful!"
 - Thomas 10/09/2014
"Where is my ceiling mounted Wide Screen HD TV"
 - Michael 13/08/2014
"Kim is an excellent dental hygenist. She is extremely thorough, informative, patient, kind, and very amicable."
 - Anon 08/08/2014
"very professional staff that makes you feel comfortable from the moment you enter until the time you leave,not to mention skilled in all areas of dentistry and courteous staff that are easy on the eyes"
 - Jave 07/08/2014
"pretty good"
 - Michael 05/08/2014
"Fantastic visit. Always a pleasure"
 - James 24/07/2014
"I have been a patient since Dr. Badner started his practice in 1956. Dr. Lasnier has continued to follow the standards Dr. Badner set. The same holds true for Laura Thomas. I never have had a reason to complain."
 - Anon 22/07/2014
 - Anthony 15/07/2014
"Excellent service"
 - James 11/07/2014
"Expert service and a very friendly staff! Have been a patient here for 20 years and would recommend this practice to anyone looking to change or who needs a new dentist!!"
 - Anon 10/07/2014
"Love going here. I always feel safe and my fears of going to the dentist is always respected. Both doctors are friendly and gentle I don't even feel the needle. I have recommended this place to many family and friends. The staff are friendly and very knowledgeable and have assisted me in choosing the best dental insurance plan offered by my employer. Highly recommend Advanced Dental to anyone."
 - Charlene 08/07/2014
"I walked in and showed then what cioncerns I had and they tooki me right away. They give me conffindence'"
 - Elaine 29/06/2014
"its always an awesome experience"
 - Anon 28/06/2014
"Always a good experience"
 - Anon 26/06/2014
"Friendly staff, clean office and great service."
 - Sally 14/06/2014
"As always Kim did a GREAT job on my teeth, and I was taken right in for my appt."
 - Patricia 03/06/2014
"I am always delighted! Always smiling and feel welcomed - appointmnet is always on time, very professional staff!"
 - Rebecca 28/05/2014
"I have a confession: I hadn't been to the dentist for a cleaning in a while. So the hygienist Kim had a lot of work to do... She was a true pro! Her work was thorough and gentle(!), and along the way, she gave me tips on where to brush extra and why. I vowed to be back in six months. Many thanks to Kim!"
 - Mary 23/05/2014
"Laura is Amazing!!! Thank you!!"
 - Robert 20/05/2014
"The people that work there are very professional and caring."
 - Karen 02/05/2014
"My only dentist for my whole life. Never been disappointed. Everyone is always so nice and they make your visit painless, even if its for getting work done."
 - Brian 23/04/2014
"Considering that I live in Australia and you seem to be in the USA and have never used your service I consider your dentistry totally pain free !!! Whu have yoy been sending me emails for the last few years"
 - Maria 23/04/2014
"The staff is always friendly and helpful Laura my dental hygienist is very professional and I feel comfortable and safe under her care"
 - Anon 15/04/2014
"Courteous, friendly and on time service.."
 - Jessica 01/04/2014
"Great people."
 - David 27/03/2014
"Delightful as usual."
 - Nathan 22/03/2014
"Very good experience, always consistent and easy."
 - Doreen 13/03/2014
"Always a good experience"
 - Jeff 11/03/2014
"Great experience for the dentist. Everyone that works there is very helpful and friendly. I've been a customer for years and will continue to be."
 - Carolyn 11/03/2014
"Really like all the people here, and highly recommend. I moved a lot and went to many dentists and this is tops."
 - Kelly 07/03/2014
"Great office, great staff. I am so happy to be a patient here!"
 - Barry 06/03/2014
"As always, a pleasant experience with pleasant and skilled people."
 - Anon 19/02/2014
"Best possible experience in a dentist office. Thanks!"
 - Dillon 17/02/2014
"The staff is friendly"
 - Linda 31/01/2014
"Very friendly staff and great notification reminders to make sure you don't miss your appointments."
 - Robert 29/01/2014
"Another broken tooth...old age has its trials...Advanced got me in promptly and Dr Ress performed crown prep and temp cap...back at my job in an hour. Many thanks to the Advanced Dental team!"
 - Jacquelyn 23/01/2014
"I absolutely love the Advance Dental Team!"
 - Lydia 22/01/2014
"Grest staff, good service."
 - Evelyn 22/01/2014
"Everyone was very polite and the place was very clean."
 - Ramon 20/01/2014
"Great professional service"
 - Maegen 17/01/2014
"Great dental experience. No wait (on time), an evening appointment convenient for my schedule, and the hygienist gave a through cleaning and offered helpful advice. After seeing 4 dental offices in a 2 year span, I'm thankful I found a "home!" No reason to look elsewhere- I highly recommend the office!"
 - Michael 16/01/2014
"I have been going to Advanced Dental for at least 30 years...... I would definitely recommend them to any one who requires dental work. They are professional and very caring group."
 - Michael 14/01/2014
"The dental hygenist, Kim is most thorough in cleaning your teeth, along with being attentive to your needs, and very gentle. Her personable demeanor make you feel at ease and most comfortable!"
 - Merlyn 05/01/2014
"The best?? no pain at all"
 - Rhiannon 02/01/2014
"Timely and pleasant experience"
 - James 01/01/2014

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